What is Moustache March?

    Moustache March 2014 Movember has come and gone and we get it!  Most of us were down for the cause and in solidarity we grew what at first seemed merely like an ironic little flavor savor reminiscent of something worn in the 70’s or 80’s…but then something magical happened.  A symbiotic connection was made between […]

55 Slang Words For Moustache

TIPS FOR RAISING MORE MONEY THIS MOVEMBER – CLICK HERE  Best Friend     Bristle Batons     Bro-merang      Bro-mo     Bro-stache     Caterpillar      Cookie Duster     Crumb Catcher     Crustache         Dirt Squirrel     Double Hamster     Face Fitting Face Lace     Face Furniture     Facial Fur   […]

Online Dating For Moustaches?

Need a date for May 11th? What??? I don’t know what’s worse: (a) you don’t know the significance of May 11th (Dali’s Birthday), or (b) you can’t get a date! Lend me your ear my moustachioed brothers. What cheese is to a mouse a moustache is to a woman…no not food, let’s try this again. What […]

How to Grow a Successful Mustache & the Importance of Regular Grooming

    Having facial hair is a look that not all men go for, but it’s certainly one that, when fashioned in the right way, can be extremely attractive and help you give off a distinguished air to others. Many do covet a full moustache, but unfortunately not all people can successfully grow one, so […]

The Best Beard & Moustache Festivals Around The World

 The Best Beard & Moustache Festivals Around The World   Film buffs have Cannes. Techies have SXSW. So why shouldn’t, we, the mustachioed and bearded of the world, have our own festivals to celebrate our fine craft, ideally located in the world’s most highly visitable destinations? Never fear, oh hirsute one. There are now not […]

How To Grow A Moustache Exclusive Feature Interview With Michael “Atters” Attree

  Welcome to our last exclusive feature interview for the month of Moustache March.  We cannot think of a more fitting way to end our festivities than with an interview with moustache superstar, grand wizard of the graspable appendage, editor-at Large (and resident bounder) of The Chap Magazine, and champion chap himself, Mr Michael “Atters” […]

Moustache Styles We’d Like To See Come Back

I thought we should check out some more obscure & adventurous styles of moustaches today…partly due to the dream I had last night. It was your classic “Viking Dream”, nothing original there. You know the one where you find yourself clad in Viking attire and pillaging a village of defenseless farmers? We’ve all had it but as […]

How To Grow A Moustache Exclusive Interview with Professor Allan Peterkin

  Welcome back to our How To Grow A Moustache Exclusive Weekend Interview Series for this Moustache March! Today we will be talking with Professor Allan Peterkin author of  “One Thousands Beards – A Cultural History of Facial Hair“ and most recently “One Thousand Mustaches – A cultural History of the MO“. Both books are […]

Which Hat is the Perfect Match for Your Mustache

I know how it is. You go through phases. Sometimes you feel like a mustache, sometimes you don’t! When you get an itch to grow a ‘stache, you may as well take the opportunity to expand your fashion sense and sport a manly hat, too. Not sure which cap is right for you? It might […]

How to grow a Handlebar Moustache

What you will need: A child’s toothbrush, Fine toothed comb, or a moustache comb (recommended) A tin of great smelling, organic moustache wax (one, stay away from the petrochemical varieties; you will be inhaling this gunk all day.  two, it will be absorbed to some degree into your skin)   Nothing says “gent” like a […]

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