Moustache & Beard Conditioning Manual – Free Ebook

  A handy guide to properly conditioning your beard or moustache. Contains conditioning recipes, herb and supplement lists, tips and tricks. Great Resource! Beard and Moustache Conditioning Manual   Moustache & Beard Conditioning Manual – Free Ebook!      

What is a Fu Manchu Moustache?

The Fu manchuThis mustache begins on the upper lip where the whiskers are grown very long so as to extend down each side of the mouth to the…jaw or feet depending on how eccentric you are allowed to be at your job.  The area past the corners of the mouth are shaven, thus differentiating this […]

How to grow a Handlebar Moustache

What you will need: A child’s toothbrush, Fine toothed comb, or a moustache comb (recommended) A tin of great smelling, organic moustache wax (one, stay away from the petrochemical varieties; you will be inhaling this gunk all day.  two, it will be absorbed to some degree into your skin)   Nothing says “gent” like a […]

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