What is Mustache May?

What is Mustache May? Congrats, you made it through Moustache March and Movember 2012 just before that! You’ve become a regular “stache trooper” itching for more. “What’s next?” You ask. Well, Mustache May of course. Oh yes, you have heard of this one…kinda.   It seems everyone knows a different Mustache/Moustache May. If Moustache May […]

Accessorize Right: Ideas for Both Men’s Casual and Formal Looks

Accessories can be fun and add a dash of energy to an outfit that helps to bring out a sense of flair, style, and personality. When we think of accessories we usually think of women’s fashions, from belts and shoes to necklaces, but, really, accessories are a great way to help men to express some […]

Moustache & Blade – Episode 23: Interview With Rose City Groom and Shave

http://traffic.libsyn.com/moustacheandblade/MB_23.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS  Welcome to yet another episode of Moustache & Blade folks! In Episode 23 we will be learning how to make a DIY blade Bank and creating “Brush Bumpers” with Douglas, then checking in w/ the Razor Queen, Tiffany Pisarcik who is […]

Matching Your Facial Fur To Your Look

In conventional social spheres, urbane fashion foments distinguished facial hair presentations. This guide demonstrates four clever ways that clothing can be used to embolden a bushy beard, masterful moustache or glorious goatee.   Add Cranial Accessories   The simplest way to cunningly accent a beard is by bolstering its bravado with an impressive headpiece. Bring […]

Christmas Gift Guide for the Gentleman in Your Life

[TIP: You May Want To Leave This Article Open On Your Significant Others Computer. Some Gals Need A Good Kick In The Hint!]  This Christmas, why not get your beloved something he’ll truly cherish? After all, the hysteria of the festive season often leads to panic buying and this, inevitably, leads to gifts that gather dust. […]

5 Manly Things That Go With Facial Hair

For the better part of history, real men had beards. Apart from the silkier cultures, where men were widely respected there were whiskers on well-chiseled visages, even if only sported as a moustache. Historically, where you found facial hair, you also found at least some of these five manly attributes to go with it. Cigars – […]

Movember: To Kill The Stache?

As Movember comes to a close, many men are faced with a difficult question: “To shave or not to shave?” That is the question. I know that, personally, growing a moustache throughout the month of November is one of the most enjoyable experiences of my entire year. Being able to walk around an office with facial hair […]

Foolproof Outfit for Men: Casual Edition

  Boost Your Confidence by Looking Sharp   In 2006, Samuel L. Jackson appeared in Men’s Health Magazine to share his style secrets. Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you? This talented actor is not known for being stylish, but surprise, surprise, he is the king of cool as the magazine put it. He knows how […]

The 10 Manliest Hollywood Moustaches of All Time

  Moustaches are definitely in style right now, but for some, they’ve always been the perfect accessory. The manliest Hollywood moustaches can be found in any decade, and the manliest of all time are compiled right here. 10. Jeff Bridges Jeff Bridges is a manly man all on his own, but add some facial hair, […]

Can a Mustache Make You Look Skinny?

Can a Mustache Actually Make You Look Skinny? In short, yes. Yes it can. If you are one of the thousands of men who can, in fact, sprout a brier patch from your face, then you are already on your way to becoming a more visually interesting person. Having a sculpted bit of facial hair […]

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