What is Moustache March?

    Moustache March 2014 Movember has come and gone and we get it!  Most of us were down for the cause and in solidarity we grew what at first seemed merely like an ironic little flavor savor reminiscent of something worn in the 70’s or 80’s…but then something magical happened.  A symbiotic connection was made between […]

A Brief History of the Moustache

    Prehistoric Times  Neolithic man seemingly rejected moustache removal; the first work of art of a man with no facial hair was found in Iran and dated to just 300 BC.     Ancient Greece Due to the time crunch of creating…well, society as we now know it: democracy, philosophy and the toga, the […]

The Moustache: Symbol of Strength & Courage?

A moustache is one of those decorative pieces of facial hair that can be found underneath many a man’s nose.  Some moustaches are pencil thin while others are big and bushy.  Some completely cover the upper lip and yet some hover like lazy hirsute humming birds above the upper lip. It’s amazing the variety of shapes, […]

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