What is Moustache March?

    Moustache March 2014 Movember has come and gone and we get it!  Most of us were down for the cause and in solidarity we grew what at first seemed merely like an ironic little flavor savor reminiscent of something worn in the 70’s or 80’s…but then something magical happened.  A symbiotic connection was made between […]

The Origins Of Mustache May

The Origins Of Mustache May   Mustache May is now upon us, and by now you should be sprouting a mean little scraper! But what is Mustache May exactly, and where did it come from? What are the mysterious origins of Mustache May? This can be a little confusing and tough to trace when there […]

Grooming Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making or A Guy’s Guide To Grooming

Ok, So your stache is waxed and looking ace, or your beard is a perfect point.  You’re looking sharp, but how to maintain such panache day after day?  Trimming is how. Yes, this is an article about the art of facial fur trimming.  A topic often overlooked by the amateur and not spoken of by […]

5 Moustache Styles You May Not Have Heard Of

5 Moustache Styles You May Not Have Heard Of – 2013 Has part of you been yearning to grow a moustache but didn’t want to get caught up in the current hype?  Maybe it’s the mental image you have of the classic moustache that’s stopping you; Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, and all the rest from […]

The Moustache: Symbol of Strength & Courage?

A moustache is one of those decorative pieces of facial hair that can be found underneath many a man’s nose.  Some moustaches are pencil thin while others are big and bushy.  Some completely cover the upper lip and yet some hover like lazy hirsute humming birds above the upper lip. It’s amazing the variety of shapes, […]

How And Why I Started Using Mustache Wax : A Confession

    I was never one for styling my mustache, it just wasn’t me…until I began chewing on it!  This article is about how I accidentally became a mustache wax enthusiast.     Day after day I noticed myself chomping on my stache.  I would have to continuously part my mustache while eating.  Snipping was not really an option.  […]

How To Grow A Mustache – Tips From A Lady With Mustache Envy

Oh the faces you will grow! A mustache can make a variety of statements from cowboy staches to the “Cheech” fashioned variations from the 70’s. Whether you’re going for an old school gringo mustache, a boxcar, a trucker, a major (yep there are a lot of crazy choices) you’ll have a lot of fun crafting […]

Shaving Products Make A Difference

  Shaving products make a difference PERIOD. Fоr mаnу mеn ѕhаvіng іѕ а сhоrе, іt’ѕ whаt wе hаvе tо dо mоѕt dауѕ tо mаkе оurѕеlvеѕ lооk rеѕресtаblе оr ‘сlеаn аnd tіdу’.  Mоѕt mеn dоn’t rеаllу еnјоу ѕhаvіng, thеу fіnd іt саn bе tedious аnd tіmе соnѕumіng. Bоth of thеѕе issues аrе рrоblеmѕ thаt with а […]

The Fuzzy History Of The Moustache

The Fuzzy History of the Moustache (Part 2) Wіth thе еxсерtіоn оf vеrу fеw mеn оn thе рlаnеt, mоѕt hаvе hаіr оn thеіr fасе but whаt dо уоu rеаllу knоw аbоut іt? Bеlоw аrе thіrtееn fасtѕ аbоut fасіаl hаіr thаt уоu рrоbаblу dіdn’t аlrеаdу knоw. 1. Thе lоngеѕt bеаrd еvеr mеаѕurеd bеlоngеd tо а Nоrwеgіаn […]

Wet Shaving 101 For Men

Wet Shaving 101 For Men is now in session.      So уоu’vе dесіdеd tо tаkе thе рlungе аnd start uѕing а ѕаfеtу rаzоr lіkе grаndра dіd? Mоѕt mеn whо trу thе оld-ѕсhооl butterfly ѕаfеtу rаzоr, а quаlіtу bаdgеr or vegan badger hair bruѕh аnd ѕhаvіng ѕоар nеvеr lооk bасk. Hеrе’ѕ а fеw tірѕ tо […]

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