What is Mustache May?

What is Mustache May? Congrats, you made it through Moustache March and Movember 2012 just before that! You’ve become a regular “stache trooper” itching for more. “What’s next?” You ask. Well, Mustache May of course. Oh yes, you have heard of this one…kinda.   It seems everyone knows a different Mustache/Moustache May. If Moustache May […]

When Moustaches Were Presidential

It’s unfortunately rare to find anyone in politics these days, especially a president sporting a moustache, let alone facial hair. In fact, the last president to have facial hair was #33, Harry Truman, way back in 1948, who reportedly grew a goatee while on vacation. And even that was temporary. How risque! If we’re looking for […]

55 Slang Words For Moustache

TIPS FOR RAISING MORE MONEY THIS MOVEMBER – CLICK HERE  Best Friend     Bristle Batons     Bro-merang      Bro-mo     Bro-stache     Caterpillar      Cookie Duster     Crumb Catcher     Crustache         Dirt Squirrel     Double Hamster     Face Fitting Face Lace     Face Furniture     Facial Fur   […]

4 Greatest Superhero Mustaches

4 Greatest Superhero Mustaches   I’ve been a huge comic book fan since I was a young whippersnapper. When I was 5 I ran around the house proclaiming that I was going to marry Vicki Vale after the first Batman movie came out. I love the fact that comic-book movies are becoming increasingly popular. Recently […]

The Origins Of Mustache May

The Origins Of Mustache May   Mustache May is now upon us, and by now you should be sprouting a mean little scraper! But what is Mustache May exactly, and where did it come from? What are the mysterious origins of Mustache May? This can be a little confusing and tough to trace when there […]

Moustache Styles We’d Like To See Come Back

I thought we should check out some more obscure & adventurous styles of moustaches today…partly due to the dream I had last night. It was your classic “Viking Dream”, nothing original there. You know the one where you find yourself clad in Viking attire and pillaging a village of defenseless farmers? We’ve all had it but as […]

How To Grow A Moustache Exclusive Interview with Professor Allan Peterkin

  Welcome back to our How To Grow A Moustache Exclusive Weekend Interview Series for this Moustache March! Today we will be talking with Professor Allan Peterkin author of  “One Thousands Beards – A Cultural History of Facial Hair“ and most recently “One Thousand Mustaches – A cultural History of the MO“. Both books are […]

Which Hat is the Perfect Match for Your Mustache

I know how it is. You go through phases. Sometimes you feel like a mustache, sometimes you don’t! When you get an itch to grow a ‘stache, you may as well take the opportunity to expand your fashion sense and sport a manly hat, too. Not sure which cap is right for you? It might […]

B.O.M.B. Exclusive Interview with How To Grow A Moustache

 (from left to right) David Perry, Kelly Kapowski, Jon Rice, Damien Stein, John Hazard, Elena Davila, Brian Damaged, Aarne Bielefeldt, Scott Stebbins, Erik Duke, Michael Narino, and Mikey Steel B.O.M.B. Exclusive Interview w/ How To Grow A Moustache   We here at HowToGrowAMoustache.Com were way too excited to wait for Wednesday to release our second installment of […]

Grooming Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making or A Guy’s Guide To Grooming

Ok, So your stache is waxed and looking ace, or your beard is a perfect point.  You’re looking sharp, but how to maintain such panache day after day?  Trimming is how. Yes, this is an article about the art of facial fur trimming.  A topic often overlooked by the amateur and not spoken of by […]

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