Mo Myths & Facts about Growing a Mustache

Forget Christmas; Movember is the mustachioed man’s favorite time of the year and it’s on! Men all over the world, from Hong Kong to the U.S., Australia to Spain, began growing and grooming their best ‘stache for a month in order to raise much-needed money for prostate cancer research. We’re huge fans of mustaches, no matter what […]

Moustache & Blade – Ep 8: Interview with Michael “Atters” Attree

Huzzah and welcome to Episode 8 of Moustache & Blade! We welcome a very special guest, a very near and dear friend of the HTGAM family…Atters Attree, handlebar moustache superstar, grand wizard of the graspable appendage, editor-at Large (and resident bounder) of The Chap Magazine, actor, satirist and champion chap himself! Listen as Atters melts both […]

What is The Anchor Moustache?

The AnchorThis is kind of a moustache cheat, a good place to start if you are just not ready to take that plunge (pun intended) and let that crumb catcher fly solo.  Its a thin moustache running from the center above the upper lip  to the edge of both sides of the mouth, unattached but complimented by […]

What is the Shermanic Moustache?

  The Shermanic A neatly clipped Meso-American pyramid shaped style of stache named after the 19th century American General Sherman who popularized the style…though good luck trying to find a picture of him sporting it! If your follicles were ever motivated to build a temple to the sun (or your nose) this is what it would […]

How to Say Moustache in Forty Different Languages

No one wants to look like a tourist, unfortunately your fanny pack usually gives this fact away. But maybe you can keep the locals guessing when you drop the word for moustache in their own language. Consider yourself forever armed with crucial facial fur street cred, in any language! [Ps, Slovak wins the Onomatopoeia Award for […]

What is The Toothbrush Moustache?

The ToothbrushA thick, inch wide mustache centered below the nose.  Now I know what you are thinking but it’s been years since…Charlie Chaplin flew this wispy wonder below that schnoz of his and it’s high time for a revival!  But seriously now, we need to work our way past the negativity associated with this humble little hair piece and […]

What is the Boxcar Moustache?

The Boxcar This style was popular during the great depression among hobos and ramblers. It was a real quick and cheap shave at the barbershop. Down in the South during the 1920’s when business was slow barbershops would have group deals for the hobos and tramps. For a nickel or in exchange for sweeping the […]

A Brief History of the Moustache

    Prehistoric Times  Neolithic man seemingly rejected moustache removal; the first work of art of a man with no facial hair was found in Iran and dated to just 300 BC.     Ancient Greece Due to the time crunch of creating…well, society as we now know it: democracy, philosophy and the toga, the […]

What is The English Moustache style?

  The EnglishA neatly trimmed narrow moustache that is parted in the middle smack dab above of the upper lip, with long whiskers pulled to either side of the center like the fuzzy thin wings of the mastodon, that is if the wooly mammoth had fuzzy thin wings .  The areas around the corners of the mouth […]

How to Make Bay Rum Butter – Soothing & Moisturizing Aftershave Alternative

[pullquote]Bay Rum Butter, Just in time for Summer”[/pullquote] Everybody loves the classic scent of Bay Rum, however the sting and agitation associated with most traditional alcohol based aftershaves can leave you crying for mommy and only add to the disdain most men already feel towards shaving. Well, we here at How to Grow a Moustache […]