The Wet Shaver’s Round Table Ep 64: “Wet Shaving Question & Answer Featuring Mantic 59”

If you have not yet participated in a Live Wet Shaver’s Round Table, What are you waiting for?!?! Coming at you live each Saturday at 6pm Eastern, Join In The Conversation! Visit Past Episodes of The Wet Shaver’s Round Table HERE and don’t forget to subscribe too! Now On To This Weeks Episode: Welcome back […]

Fifty Shaves of Straight

It all began on Father’s Day 2014 (June 15), when my wife and daughter gave me a gift of shaving soap (Ocean Kelp) and matching after shave lotion from The Art of Shaving. My wife knew a shaving-related gift would be a hit, although I love all her thoughtful gifts. The only shaving-related store where […]

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