Do It Yourself Shaving Brush Mount

The shaving brush, a key component in the wet shave but often overlooked by the novice. When one first hops into the world of traditional shaving your eyes and senses are usually taken captive by the abundance razors out there antique and new, second to the razor is probably the soap options, and then your […]

Renaissance Man: Five Domestic Skills That Every Man Should Know

While most men might consider themselves to be independent, they’re probably lacking certain domestic skills. In order to be considered a true renaissance man around the home, there are 5 domestic skills that every adult male should possess. As trivial as they may seem, they all help to define true independence. Cooking Outside The Box […]

Moustache & Blade Podcast – Episode 35: How to Make Florida Water + More Brews & Blades Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS  In Episode 35 of Moustache & Blade we will be learning how to create our own Florida Water Cologne w/ Douglas Smythe’s quick and easy recipe! We will also be checking in with our listeners, concluding “Dye Like A Man“, Doug’s […]

Moustache & Blade – Episode 26: Interview with Dr. Adam Paul Causgrove of The American Mustache Institute Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Welcome back to another fun and fact filled episode of Moustache & Blade! In today’s show we learn from Douglas how to turn that dusty old Segal Razor, that most folks use as a paper weight, back into the lean mean […]

How To Load a Schick Repeater Injector Razor

There is nothing sweeter than scoring a new Schick Repeater on your favorite auction site.  In the history of the razor, I am not sure there is a more precise and substantial piece of gear to be found.  The issue becomes quite clear when you get your first vintage repeater for the first time…um, how the hell does this thing work? […]

How to Open a Blister Pack with Skill

I’m starting to think that half the fun of getting new things is wrestling the packaging open, especially if you’re the person doing the watching. This occurred to me whilst watching my husband try to open the packaging around one of his new gaming toys, of course I was covertly watching from the corner of […]

How To Save The Day When You Fill Up Your Car With The Wrong Fuel

I have been on very long road trips all over the country with my partner. A long journey may present you with a number of issues unless you have everything planned beforehand. It is easy to miss out on simple things like having all the paperwork you require handy, carrying a driver’s license, filling your […]

Etiquette is Served : A Gent’s Guide To Basic Table Etiquette

The Importance of table manners Eating good quality food is something that most gents truly enjoy. As discussed previously, knowing how to host a dinner party can be a fun and exciting alternative to ordering a takeaway. However, it is important to prepare for such a task and it is equally important to know how to eat […]

How To Modify A Modern DE Blade For A Vintage SEGAL Razor

[Video Tutorial HERE!] [More Photos From My Collection] “My new/old favorite razor!” I had always loved the design of the SEGAL Razor; the handle, the top cap loading mechanism, the weight and balance. It was a shame that no one was producing blades that fit such a thing of beauty any longer. With this in […]

How To Maintain Your Cigars

If you are new to the hobby or have counted it among your favorite things to do for years, there is one bane to the cigar smoker’s enjoyment, namely properly maintaining your cigars. Whether you choose to use a cigar humidor or not, there are proper ways to store and care for your stogies that […]

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