Renaissance Man: Five Domestic Skills That Every Man Should Know

While most men might consider themselves to be independent, they’re probably lacking certain domestic skills. In order to be considered a true renaissance man around the home, there are 5 domestic skills that every adult male should possess. As trivial as they may seem, they all help to define true independence. Cooking Outside The Box […]

Interview and Tour of the US Movember Headquarters

  Last October, I interviewed JJ Owen, the Movember Director of US Business and Community Engagement at Movember‘s US headquarters in Culver City.  We talked about: how he became involved in Movember, the Foundation’s goals, and the expectations of the launch of MOVE and of Movember in 2015. The audio interview, along with a slide show is […]

Everyday Pranks To Play On Your Kids (To Build Character)

A world that tends to take itself far too seriously for its own good all too often forces us to do the same. Humor is a very important tool for blowing off steam, releasing tension, good for the soul and healthy for the body. The sooner you can access your humor nerve, the easier it […]

How To Load a Schick Repeater Injector Razor

There is nothing sweeter than scoring a new Schick Repeater on your favorite auction site.  In the history of the razor, I am not sure there is a more precise and substantial piece of gear to be found.  The issue becomes quite clear when you get your first vintage repeater for the first time…um, how the hell does this thing work? […]

How to Shave with a Safety Razor

This is the first video in my Beginner Series about how to shave with a Safety Razor. Making the switch to a safety razor is a worthy investment that will not only save you lots of money over cartridge razors, but will give you superior shaves! I made the switch about a year ago and […]

Turning Your Garage into a Man Cave

Your garage is an important part of your home, protecting your belongings and car not only from the outside elements, but from potential thieves as well. Besides these essential functions, your garage can become so much more. Every guys dream is to take the garage and make it into something of their own. Any guy […]

Evolution of the Straight Razor Shaver – Video Series

This is the beginning of a video series that will follow my entry into straight razor shaving! I have been shaving with a safety razor for about 6 months, but I want to take it to the next level with a straight razor. A straight is supposed to give you the closest, most efficient shave possible. […]

5 Tips For Shooting Great Vacation Videos

The widespread use of digital cameras in concordance with YouTube’s transcendent have encouraged film making on micro and macro levels. Now more than ever you have the ability to share vacation memories from your screen to a worldwide audience. Whether you prefer to hit the record button to create multimedia scrapbooks or simply for the […]

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