The Cutting Edge Wet Shaver’s Podcast: Ep 17 – Things Are Not Always What They Seem


Welcome to Episode 17!

Hey folks, well the boys are back and just in time! There has been a lot of things going on in our little corner of the internet, affectionately called by most, Shavedom. As of recently Shave Revolution just closed after almost 2 years in business, saddening and confusing most of us. After the doors were shut the speculation and talk began, whispers at first, then stage whispers…to eventual screams. This partly happened due to the fact that Justin Park, owner of Shave Revolution hasn’t officially posted anything in regards to the sudden close…Until NOW.

Ladies & Gents, we have the official word from Justin and shall share it with you; the truth of the matter. And so sets the theme of today’s show, Things Are Not Always What They Seem.

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  1. this episode inspired me to get more involved even with my FB and I even found myself posting shaves of the day on Face Book

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