Turning Your Garage into a Man Cave

how to Turning Your Garage into a Man Cave

Your garage is an important part of your home, protecting your belongings and car not only from the outside elements, but from potential thieves as well. Besides these essential functions, your garage can become so much more. Every guys dream is to take the garage and make it into something of their own. Any guy can do this with a few simple steps which can turn your garage into a place you never want to leave.


Whether you choose to go all out or just make a few changes, you can turn your garage into the man cave you’ve always dreamed of having. Although there are many things that can be done, there are a few that are essential to have taken care of. Before starting out, assess the size of your garage and determine what you can dedicate to your new man cave. Whether you have a one car or a six car garage, with proper planning and organization you can turn it into the man cave you’ve always wanted.

 Turning Your Garage into a Man Cave

The Essentials


Before you can even think about setting up your man cave, you must first get the essentials all set up. Start out with proper lighting. No matter what your plans are for your man cave, lighting is an essential element. Include lamps or just get the lighting better equipped overhead. You can choose to do this throughout the whole garage, or just in the area you are turning into the cave.

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Because the garage is separate from the rest of the house, it does not enjoy the same heating and air benefits. During the spring and fall this may be fine, but during the biting cold of winter, and the scorching heat of summer, you need something extra. Consider installing a heating and cooling system to keep the temperatures manageable all year long. From this point you can make your man cave however you want.

 Turning Your Garage into a Man Cave

The Cave


Before setting out, ask yourself what you want to get from your man cave. Is it going to be a place to escape from the world all on your own, maybe tinkering around with something mechanical? Or do you intend it to be a place to hang out with your buddies, throwing some darts and watching the game on your big screen? Whatever your intent, you can gear it towards these elements.


Separate it from the rest of your garage either with walls set up, or furniture situated just right. For most men’s man caves, the decoration should be kept to a minimum. You can place trophies, flags, or memorabilia of your favorite teams on shelves of the walls, or anything else that doesn’t fit in with your home.

 Turning Your Garage into a Man Cave

Depending on your style there are various things that can be included in your man cave. Even with this, there are a few things that are essential such as a mini fridge, comfy furniture, a TV, and any gaming systems you enjoy. From here, style your garage in the way you like best. You will find that over time your man cave will change and evolve as your tastes do, creating the perfect relaxing atmosphere for you after a rough day.


Turning Your Garage into a Man CaveBy +Cassie Costner


Cassie writes for A Plus Garage Doors, a commercial garage door repair company in Utah. She has written on garage organization, and creating the perfect feel for your garage.



infographic Turning Your Garage into a Man Cave

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