Wet Shaver’s Round Table Podcast – Episode 2 – Special Guest: Busta

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Welcome to Episode two of The Wet Shaver’s Round Table Podcast!

This is, first and foremost, a live, interactive wet shaving talk show aired once a week on Youtube. Tune in every Saturday evening at 7pm Eastern Time! As a favor to our viewers we have converted all our episodes so far, into an audio podcast! Now it’s easier to stay informed on what’s new, up and coming or peer into the brains of our featured guests! To join in the conversation visit http://wetshaversroundtable.com or @WSRoundTable on Twitter!


Welcome to episode 2 of The Wet Shaver’s Round Table! Streamed live on Jul 4, 2015
Joining us today as our official guest is the Shave Busta himself, Michael “Busta” Bustamante! Also, we will be celebrating the 4th of July!

The Wet Shaver’s Round Table is a LIVE, Interactive show in which you, the viewer, are encouraged to participate in every Saturday Night, 7pm EDT (USA). To participate via twitter post questions to @WSRoundTable or Join our G+ community Wet Shaver’s Round Table and participate live there!
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