Moustache & Blade – Episode 38: Interview with The Q Brothers

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Welcome to Moustache & Blade, Episode 38!

wet shaving podcastAhhh where to begin? This was such a fun interview, we thought it was so nice, we decided to do it twice! That’s right, this is the second interview we did with The Q Brothers, JQ and Anthony….long story. Regardless, we will fill you in on the show. For all of you who are hip to Merz Apothecary, located in Chicago, this is the show for you!

The Q Brothers have really made a name for themselves in the wet shaving world. Not only are they responsible for bringing us Smallflower, Merz Apothecary’s online site and Smallflower TV but also the Great Shave events of the past! This fall will also bring us the opening of their very own men’s grooming store “The Q Brothers”…fittingly enough.

wet shaving podcastIt really is difficult to write an introduction for these two, your going to have to just hit play and kick back!

Also on today’s show, an epic listener call in! So thank you for checking back in for yet another fun filled, wet shaving, male grooming bonanza of M&B zaniness! Enjoy and SHAVE ON, on, on, on…  

wet shaving podcast


A Very Special Thank You To Anthony & JQ, YOU GUYS ROCK! 

wet shaving podcastThanks to all our listeners for the support, feedback and all around positive “vibes”! We do this show for you and with much love and drive to play forward the wet shaving renaissance we now find ourselves in! Please don’t be shy and contact us today with any ideas, topics or guests you would like to hear on our humble little podcast. Bravo to you all and SHAVE ON, on ,on,on!



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