Moustache & Blade – Episode 40: Special Edition!

wet shaving podcastWelcome to Episode 40 of the Moustache & Blade Podcast, SPECIAL EDITION!

wet shaving podcastGreetings Folks, here is the episode you have all been waiting for, the announcement of our Lo Haiku Synergy 2.0 Shaving Soap and RazoRock Stealth Winner! Thank you all for participating and submitting your wet shaving haiku! The response from our listening audience was off the hook, and I wish we could have read them all!

That said, keep those wet shaving haiku coming and we will be sure to read them on future shows!wet shaving podcast

Also on today’s show we bring you a very special interview with a wet shaving noob, Brad Witty. Brad is only a few weeks into “the craft” and we wanted to pick his brain about it, get some perspective and even energize ourselves resonating with his new born excitement for an activity we have all fallen in love with, traditional wet shaving!

Thank you all again for playing and due to the success of this contest many more are to follow! SHAVE ONNNNNN!


NOTE: Lo Haiku shall be released at 5pm EST today! (10/15/2014)

Winning Wet Shaving Haiku:

Water’s Soothing Warmth

Through Clouds Of Snow My Blade Glides

-Late For Work Again.

(Winner announced on show)

A VEry Special Thanks To The Old Town Shaving Company For A Great Idea & A Great Razor!


Lo Haiku Synergy 2.0

Click Image To Get It!

Thanks to all our listeners for the support, feedback and all around positive “vibes”! We do this show for you and with much love and drive to play forward the wet shaving renaissance we now find ourselves in! Please don’t be shy and contact us today with any ideas, topics or guests you would like to hear on our humble little podcast. Bravo to you all and SHAVE ON, on ,on,on!

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