Moustache & Blade – Episode 41: Interview with Barbershop Photographer Mat Marrash

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Welcome back to Moustache & Blade – Episode 41!!!

Greetings folks and welcome back to Moustache & Blade…Season 2! It’s been a hot minute since Ryan and Douglas have been on the mic, but fear not the Dynamic, Wet Shaving Duo are back to fill that void! (That said, Join our new Moustache & Blade Facebook Page!)

In Episode 41 of M&B Douglas and Ryan are joined by Lg Format Barbershop Photographer Mat Marrash! This is a fascinating interview whether or not you are a professional photographer or just a novice with a Mat Morrash photographersmartphone! Mat creates stunning, timeless works of barbershop art that one can get lost in! 

Also on today’s show, more Quick Wet Shaving Tips w/ Douglas, how to re-purpose those empty aftershave & cologne bottles! 

Doug drops some more Quick Wet Shaving Tips, what to do with that empty AS or Cologne bottle.  All in all it’s good to be back and we appreciate all the supportive emails from our listeners wishing us holiday cheer and wondering when our next episode was coming….sorry for the delay folks!

Ryan and DouglasSpecial Thanks to our Editor Austin Diekmeyer and Mat Marrash for taking time out of his busy schedule for us! Follow Mat on Twitter, Facebook and Please Visit his site for some wonderful Barbershop Photography!

Single Serve Bay Rum Recipe:

One Empty 3.5 – 4 oz Bottle

2 oz Rum

1 oz Distilled Water

.50 oz Glycerin

One reusable Mesh Coffee Filter

8 oz Measuring Cup 

1/4 tsp Allspice Berries – 1/4 tsp Dried or Fresh Ginger – Pinch of Cinnamon – 1 Cap of Pure Vanilla Extract – Pinch of Orange Zest – 3 to 5 crushed Bay Leaves (Important: Pimenta Racemosa not Bay Laurel) – Or Substitute 25-35 drops of Bat Essential Oil.

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