Moustache & Blade – Episode 37: Feature Interview with Geo Fatboy

wet shaving podcast, shave nation, conan obrien A Very Warm Welcome Back To Moustache & Blade – Episode 37!

“Wow” is all I can say (inside joke), this interview has been such a long time coming! We have been receiving emails for months from our listeners on Geo, demanding we interview him…yet try as we did, it seemed impossible. It seemed Geo just would not give us the time of day.

wet shaving podcast, geo fatboy, captains choice,conan o'brienBut finally the stars must have aligned and radio silence was broken! Dramatics aside, Geo was just a phone call away…duh. Anyways, we are very excited to have finally roped him into an interview.

For the last 4 years Geo has really been making noise in the wet shaving community, a mover and a shaker he certainly is. Not only has Geo taught more folks how to wet shave than most on via his bombastic Youtube presence he is also the owner and proprietor of SHAVE NATION, a kick ass shaving supply store and website! 

Also on today’s show we will be answering some listener letters and then joining Ryan and his “noobian” father once more as they visit Oldwet shaving podcast, Lynn Abrams, geo fatboy Town Shaving Company together!

We would like to give Geo a big thanks and a virtual fist bump, it was a real pleasure and honor to have him with us today! Thank you sir for your time and keep doing what you’re doing…we got your back. Bravo!

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  1. Great PodCast.! A lot of fun, and a super expose on a great funny and fun loving man.

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