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  Moustache March 2014

Movember has come and gone and we get it!  Most of us were down for the cause and in solidarity we grew what at first seemed merely like an ironic little flavor savor reminiscent of something worn in the 70’s or 80’s…but then something magical happened.  A symbiotic connection was made between our upper lips and our hearts.  But alas, November came and went and we found ourselves in front of the mirror on December 1st clutching a cold razor and a little unsure of the desecration about to be committed upon our furry little partner in crime.  I couldn’t do it.

Moustache March

Moustache March


The amount of awareness that having a stache created didn’t stop at the charitable aspect for me, rather a broader awareness of facial fur possibilities was born in me!  I reinvested in my shaving kit after many years of shameless neglect.  I stocked up on soap pucks, a vintage shaving bowl and an antique safety razor too, not to mention all the mustache waxes I had collected over the month in anticipation of the Dali style cookie duster I would inevitably be donning.  I had reinvented myself, and at the same time rediscovered something that has been lost in our plastic throw away culture that we have all been unwillingly steeped in.  Shaving and maintaining a moustache is the new alchemy, and I was cultivating gold. [pullquote] I love having a moustache and I’ll be damned if I ever shave it! [/pullquote] I know I am not alone in the decision I have made however, some may not be as steadfast as I in maintaining my mustache and may need a reason, excuse, or a little encouragement to keep it growing.  So I give you one more mustachioed month to use in your defense and conveniently only weeks away, Moustache March.  So boldly stand your ground and declare to your concerned, clean shaven friends and family that you are on a mission and using your new found powers (and prowess) for the greater good and common weal.


Moustache March is just around the corner so keep the fur and the faith and your face looking ace – Get involved, even if it’s just another excuse to keep your significant other off your back and that rascally little crumb catcher waxed…sorry I just caught myself heading in a Dr Seuss direction.  That stops now. Ok where was I?  Ah yes, Moustache March or Mustache March?  Geesh, what’s the difference?  I will try to break this all down for you in under 500 words and without a rhyming scheme.  Currently there are two different sites: MoustacheMarch.com & MustacheMarch.com but historically it all started with one man, Brigadier General Robin Olds.


Moustache March

Moustache March


Brigadier General Olds was an inspiration to all serving under him, and his extravagantly waxed handlebar moustache, fondly referred to as “Ol’ Bullet Proof”.  In fact a common superstition began to circulate sprung up around pilots during the end of The Vietnam War that to sport a stache was akin to being shielded from harm.  “The Bullet Proof Moustache” was thus born.  The handlebar mustache went from being the unofficial symbol of the 8th wing to their official emblem pretty much overnight.




After returning home from the war back to the states Brigadier General Olds first, and only direct order that he ever received from a superior, he joked, was to “shave that damn thing off”.  And that was from Chief of Staff General John P. Mc Connell, a legend in his own right though clean shaven.



Out of all this a tradition was born among service men, Moustache March (almost sounds like a military parade, no?).  During the month of March air crew, aircraft maintainers, space operators, and other fly-boys world wide in a show of tribute and solidarity sport in playful protest a “deviant” mustache for one month against Air Force regulations.  It was only a matter of time for this to trickle down into civilian life especially after the huge popularity brought on by Movember.   In a similar spirit of Movember two sites under the banners of Mustache & Moustache March have risen up to try and make sense out of this loosely structured “holiday”.  Unlike Movember, neither of these sites are registered as charitable foundations just yet, but they both unofficially contribute to different causes.


MustacheMarch.Com  Has set out to create awareness through what they call a ” Temporary Cultural Movement for the Benefit of Charity,” or TCMBC for short.  All participants must register through their site and will be given via email a list of rules and a pledge sheet which must be turned in before March 31st, when the judging begins. There are 5 categories within the “competition”: Best in Show, Most Disturbing, Most Fitting, Dirt Lip or “The Little Follicles that Couldn’t,” and “Preexisting Condition Class”.  Obviously this is not a serious competition, but guys tend to really get into it as we so often do.  Check out their photo gallery. [Note: upon further research mustachemarch.com may be inactive this year, we are still waiting to hear back from them just to make sure.at any rate, we will make sure to keep you posted]


MoustacheMarch.Com Was founded in 2003 by a group of friends and really came into it’s own in 2005.  Their main charity mission is raising funds for The American Cancer Institute and have raised since 2010 $30,000!  They also throw other events to raise money for other charities as well.  This year they will be partnering with Patrick’s Children without Sponsors (PCwS) to host their 1st Annual Texas Hold ‘em Fundraiser to benefit local programs managed by PCwS. Which was started back in 2004 as a non-profit to help orphans and widows, primarily in Uganda.  Moustache March aims to bridge all folks participating in the fur raising festivities during the month raising funds for different causes through different independent events. Stache wearers from all around the globe are encouraged  to contact them for promotional support through their website.  Good show guys! Moustachemarch.com wants to see your photos and hear your stories so please contact them through their convenient contact form located on their site.


  I hope this article tends to clear up the origin of Moustache March for you all, and please contribute to this post in the comment box below if there is

Moustache March

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anything I missed or you would like to add!  So start stocking up on your moustache wax and safety razors in order to make this March something more than just another crutch just to keep you wearing that dandy wisp of charitable fund building potential on your face. Grow for it this Moustache March!


If you would like to learn more about Robin Olds do yourself a favor and check out “Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds

Douglas Smythe

Contact Douglas at: Whiskers@howtogrowamoustache.com

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  1. Douglas, thank you for the great post, you really covered it all! Keep up the great work furthering the cause of the moustache!
    Live the ‘stache, Tank http://www.facebook.com/moustachemarch

  2. Yay a Moustache March Article, and the best one so far ! Just heard about Moustache March last week in passing had no idea what my friend was talking about but played it off like i did. Excused myself to use the bathroom, we were at a coffee shop, in the bathroom i googled it and found your article. Back at the table i summed up the whole thing. I blew minds. Thanks for making me look cooler than what i actually am! Just put your App on my phone, really cool! Good Job Fellas!

  3. Great Article and fun to read- I had no idea moustache March had such a history. I Just began my stache this week and cannot wait to see how I look on April first! Thanks Guys (and gals)
    ps. what is the best mustache wax for a beginner? thank you again and thank you for the free ebook!

  4. Really informative article. I love this blog!

  5. This really broke the history down well. I served in the Air Force from 1989-1995 and even I was a little foggy why every March we were encouraged to partake in this. To this day I still sport a mustache, and now I know why. Now I need to check out this APP everyone keeps talking about! Thank You!

  6. This is really a good article on Moustache March and it shed light a lot more light on the enigmatic Robin Olds. Not enough people know this mans story. Now everybody start growing! I will send you guys photos at the end of the month!

  7. great great great! finally i know what this is all about! Ol’ Bullet Proof! I am Now working on a spiffy little stache! I’ll send photos!

  8. Perfect! Now I can explain this to my 2nd grade class tomorrow! Thank You Mr. Smythe

  9. So Cool! I just Finished reading “Fighter Pilot”! Robin Olds had a very unique life…read it! Thank you Douglas!

  10. Good article! Pity i chose the last day of March to find this site! great site very informative and fun when it comes to facial hair! just downloaded your ebook, i compete regularly so any advice is much appreciated! I will let you folks know how the conditioning recipes worked out for me! Thanks!


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