What is Mustache May?

What is Mustache May

What is Mustache May?

Congrats, you made it through Moustache March and Movember 2012 just before that! You’ve become a regular “stache trooper” itching for more. “What’s next?” You ask. Well, Mustache May of course. Oh yes, you have heard of this one…kinda.


It seems everyone knows a different Mustache/Moustache May. If Moustache May were to die tomorrow and we were all to show up at the funeral, no one attending would think anyone else there ever truly knew Ol’ MM. It’s as if MM is a Jumbo elephant and we are blind men (and women) coming at this great beast from several different angles and trying to describe to someone on the other end of the phone what it is we think we are “seeing”, by describing the part of the elephant we are touching [groping the poor fella in hopes of being the one to discover a schematic breakdown down in braille first] . Anyone of you who has Googled Moustache/Mustache May will know what I am talking about. It seems like there are 10 different sites all with different origins and different mustachioed folks at the helm…who do we trust?


Furthermore, does it really matter who to trust when they are all doing it in the name of charity? (well, almost all.) I will sum up the rules that all the sites seem to share, and at the end of the article I will give you 3 options of who you may want to send your donations, pledges, or party vibes to.


Rules of Engagement
    • On May 1st you begin to allow your stache to grow


    • Only Moustaches are allowed, i.e. No Goatees, No beards. Just the wonderful, singular, wing-ed moustache.  


    • Start a pledge site where you or your supporters can pledge money on your stache during the month of May. Each site has their own version of pledge site and all accept paypal.



Oh, and did I mention the parties or “stache bashes,” as some of the more seasoned refer to them as? Parties are also part of it. Some organizations throw an opening party to kick off the month, some throw an opener and closer but all for sure throw a final send off in celebration of the wicked cookie duster we will all inevitably find our noses nesting in come the end of Mustache May.


That’s it! Simple, no? Now it’s up to you to choose which site you want to contribute through.


What is Mustache May?

What is Mustache May?

1) MusMay.com – [Formed 2001]This is my favorite site so far; clear, concise and 12 years of credibility. This year MusMay.com will be teaming with CHOICE Humanitarian to raise awareness for other men across the globe: husbands, fathers, and sons that need ‘brotherly’ support! Friends and family of ardent mustache growers can donate to CHOICE Humanitarian in support of their favorite hirsute manly man. Your donation helps end poverty around the world.  Interview with founding member Andrew Taylor HERE!


What is Mustache May?

What is Mustache May?


2) Stachemaster.com – [Formed 2008]  This branch of Mustache may was born out of NYU’s Stern School of Business by a couple of college pals in 2008. Their charity of choice is the New York City Boy’s Club. If you are a Big Apple boy and want to see your man fur make change locally this may be who you choose to waltz with.


What is Mustache May?

What is Mustache May?

3) MoustacheMay.com or MustacheMay.com – [Formed 2005] Honestly, I find this site a little difficult to navigate. I am actually not sure if they are accepting pledges or donations towards any cause and if that’s the case it’s a pity that they own both domain names. They are a fun site that seems to have a lot of daily/weekly events going on. By all means hang and register with the good-time boys and start your own pledge page at firstgiving.org or another fundraising site of your fancy that you can direct supporters to.



So now you are hip and happening again thanks to the staff of HTGAM, where our staches stand upright while our ears are pressed to the ground! Happy (soon to be) Mustache May and stay tuned for some great feature interviews this May! Also, send us some of your stache photos and we will post ’em in support! Send to: whiskers@howtogrowamoustache.com


Don’t forget to Enter Our Moustache May Giveaway – Fill out form located in the sidebar! Good Luck!

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