How to Grow a Successful Mustache & the Importance of Regular Grooming


How to Grow  a Successful Mustache & the Importance of Regular Grooming

How to Grow a Successful Mustache & the Importance of Regular Grooming


Having facial hair is a look that not all men go for, but it’s certainly one that, when fashioned in the right way, can be extremely attractive and help you give off a distinguished air to others. Many do covet a full moustache, but unfortunately not all people can successfully grow one, so we’re aiming to address in this post how to go about growing a successful moustache, and the importance of regular grooming once grown to keep your illustrious appearance – overgrown and under-trimmed facial hair can have an adverse effect, so it’s important to avoid that where possible.



Successful Moustache Growth

  • The first step to growing a successful moustache is to remember to moisturise! Once you’ve taken the decision to grow a ‘tache, you have to remember that the first week or two are likely to be uncomfortable, itchy and unsightly – after all, the hair won’t grow instantly groomed, you have to go through the growth process to reach optimum length before you’ll be happy with the result.

As moustache hair grows, your upper lip is likely to be very itchy and dry – you’re growing hair in an area that has been previously kept hairless and open to the elements, so the skin is undergoing a change as much as your appearance is on the outside. Moisturising regularly will help to keep this at bay and make the growth process a lot easier to handle, especially during the initial phase of growth when you may still not be sure a moustache is for you.

Using a gentle moisturiser will help if you have particularly sensitive skin – organic products are often gentle, as they contain no harsh chemicals.

  • When you’re shaving around the moustache area, have a shower beforehand. The hot water and the steam from the shower will soften the hairs so they’re easier to cut and bend to your will, and you can apply your shaving lather here too, so you can see a clear outline of where you want to shave, thus preventing you from getting a bit over zealous and cutting too much off.
  • Consider taking vitamin B. this is well known for its beneficial properties in hair and nail growth, and if you’re finding your facial hair is coming in a bit thin, vitamin B may very well help you out with growing a thicker ‘tache. Of course, everyone is different and will react differently to vitamins, but vitamin B has a lot of benefits, hair growth aside, so this is always worth a go.

Thin Hair & Hair Loss

If you do have any problems with thin hair or hair loss at all during the growth of your moustache, don’t give up too easily! Hair loss is a condition that affects a lot of us in varying degrees, and there are various treatment methods and ideas to try out if you do feel this is affecting you. Both permanent and more temporary, but less costly options are available, so be sure to research into this before making a decision.

A deep leave-in, over-night conditioner especially formulated for face hair works wonders at strengthening the bristles in question. And sometimes it all comes down to simply switching the moustache comb you use. Some combs have super fine teeth that when raking wax through your stache will clump up and tug out your unsuspecting hairs. Other options are a regular comb or childs toothbrush.  Experiment.


Regular Grooming

As noted earlier, regular grooming is very important, especially as your moustache grows initially, as it will initially come through a bit unruly. This is normal and not a sign of errant growth, but you’ll want to ensure you keep it trimmed, as not only will this look better, but the earlier you start training your moustache hairs which direction to grow in, the better. You may have heard your wife or girlfriend moaning about training her hair to grow in a side part; well, this is the same idea.

Having a well-kept moustache that you keep on top of can really enhance your appearance, so be sure to follow a daily grooming routine with it. We’ve all seen fellow moustache growers that really could have used this advice, so be sure you don’t fall into the same trap of “ignore it, it’ll grow itself into shape” – the odd day off is OK, but really you want to ensure you keep up and on top of your moustache at all times! Above all – happy growing, and good luck!


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