Accessorize Right: Ideas for Both Men’s Casual and Formal Looks

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Accessories can be fun and add a dash of energy to an outfit that helps to bring out a sense of flair, style, and personality. When we think of accessories we usually think of women’s fashions, from belts and shoes to necklaces, but, really, accessories are a great way to help men to express some of their personality and true nature without having to switch their sense of style, or their brand of suit. A scarf around the neck of a woman can go very far in adding a sense of the dramatic, bold, or dynamism. Likewise, the right belt, hat, or tie can add that sense of style and flair that brings out some of the personality of the man wearing them.


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A great accessory that is not necessarily in vogue currently is the classic hat. In the 1940s, they were all the rage, from fedoras to more typical designs, it naturally gave men a commanding air when they wore them. Hats can add weight and drama, but you need to be able to pull one off, and the local dollar store isn’t the place to get one. A store specializing in hats or fashion is the best option, and, there, they will actually fit you for one, and give you a sense of different designs and styles. Some choose to wear a flat-rimmed hat these days for a stylish effect and sun protection, and the cowboy hat, done right, can be downright classy.


Accessorize Right: Ideas for Both Men's Casual and Formal LooksFootwear

Socks, strangely, are a fantastic way for a man to express his personality, with all sorts of socks on the market these days. Dress socks come in all kinds of colors, with black and dark blue being constantly in fashion. New colorful expressive ones exist for the bold and the weekends, or padding around the house, and sometimes it is worthwhile to find the flourish in this department that can make you feel a little bit cared for with excessive cables, or thick soles. Socks are often overlooked and are a way to add a subtle touch of flair into the day and into a tired routine.


Accessorize Right: Ideas for Both Men's Casual and Formal LooksBelts

Though not as popular as they once were, are a great option for expression, with everything from thick brown leather, to slick thin black ones, vegan leather or nylon with recycled safety belt buckles! The belt buckle is a great item to buy and add some sort of expression, and they make them in everything from corporate logos to wilderness motifs. A man can wear a belt with a sense of subtlety, or play it up a bit more, depending on the occasion, mood, and personality of the person wearing the belt.


mens fashion bow tie 2014Neckwear

tie is never out of style, and is a fantastic option for accessorizing with proven flair. From colorful to darker moods, the tie is a very important consideration for finishing a suit, and here one often gets a glimpse into the personality in terms of what they favor. Nothing makes the suit or the occasion more than the tie, and they come in all shapes, styles, and trends. From silk and satin to textile blends, focus on the tie if you wish to make an impression. Tip: The bow tie is making a comeback big time so don’t rule it out!


Men’s fashion doesn’t have to stop when Women’s do. Use these basic tips to give yourself a sense of style while dressing up or down. Don’t forget the little details like class rings, a handsome watch, or a polished briefcase. Pull it all together and ask for advice in all your stores from Lansing jewelry, to the tailor who fits your suits. All you need to do is choose what works with the outfits you already have.


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Accessorize Right: Ideas for Both Men's Casual and Formal Looks

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